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Here's the lates news and updates:

Nothing yet... Site was created on Sun 8 June 2003. KITT is still going on strong. I'm still looking for a LCD Display here in South Africa (the 6.4" TFT Colour display with RGB input).

26 - 06 - 03: Finally got this damn counter running. It on the top left side of the screen on the welcome page. I'm still working on the guest book... After this I'll (maby) may have got a 6.4" LCD display in a couple of weeks. (I hope it's a RGB input and NOT a RCA, 'cause I don't have a RCA (TV) output on KITT.)

21 - 09 - 03: Well, it looks like the counter was working only for a couple of weeks. I also found a screen but a normal 5" RCA (Video) one. Now is a good time to use the converter for the screen from VGA to RCA. (pics soon). Also it seems that most of the parts I need for the 80W 12V powersupply cannot be found in SA. Back to the drawing board...

21 - 01 - 04: YES, YES, YES!!! Got this damn counter running at the main page! O, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great wishes to all!!! OK, down to business... The coverter from VGA to RCA broke the port on the main board. The converter is a Creative TVCoder Portable and luckaly, is't small. So I stripped it down to make it fit in the back of KITT. With little of soldering to the main board and the converter everything is working better and the converter is out of the way. COOL! More info about the screen: LCD 5" unit that fits on the back of a Sony Playstaition One. Dual input for signal and is PAL / NTSC compatable. The only problem was that the screen runs only 7.5 volts. My system runs 12v, 5v, 3.3v. I took a chance at 5v. The screen runs BUT shows two 'GT' stripes over the screen. OK, now 12v: PERFECT! Better than ever! I'm also working on a remote control to contror KITT with a normal TV remote (Hey! it works on my home PC!). Another thing: Sorry about the pics I didn't uploaded yet 'cause the camera broke. I'm also going to change the site with smaller pics. See ya!

24 - 04 - 04: Funeral time. KITT is dead. Yep, he got soaked during a rainstorm a month ago. So, OK, time for an upgrade. Ver.2.0 is almost finished. Needs only the CPU (1.7 Gig Celeron). Only this time time I'm going for da big boy! Check out the specs: Gigabyte MB, 7.5 Gig HDD (waiting for a 20 Gig), DVD rom, 5" TFT LCD display (the only survivor during the storm), 256 DDR 333 mem and a nice little ATX case. This time the PSU fits inside the case, not like the old one that was hanging outside. Speaking of power supplies, some of the parts are now available in SA: 12v and 5v. Only the 3.3v tham I'm worried about. Can anyone help me on this because the MAXIM 788 3.3v IC is NOT in the stores! I need nome urgent advice for the 3.3v. Till next time...

And Knight Rider?
I'm still waiting for Knight Rider on DSTV. Every month when the Dish Magazine pops his head up I'm strolling trhu the pages, wondering when...what time... what channel... But nothing. Hope for next month... NEWS UPDATE! Got a rumour that KR is back on DSTV! I'm still searching in the magazine. Will let you know!


One of these days: Cheers BIG power supply & inverter...